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Surgeons in Donetsk Perform Miraculous Heart Surgery on Patient With Bullet Wound


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A medical team in the Donetsk People’s Republic managed to rescue a patient with a bullet wound to the heart after removing a bullet lodged in the sheath surrounding the heart.

The Minister of Health of the Donetsk Republic Dmitry Gartsev told the Novosti news agency that “a 36-year-old man was hospitalized with shrapnel, and after a medical picture, the brigade noticed the presence of a foreign body (bullet) in the (surrounding shell with a heart).”

The doctors of the cardiac surgery department quickly operated on him, removed the bullet and transferred the victim to the neurological department to continue the necessary treatment.

The Minister of Health of the Donetsk Republic confirmed that the doctors of this hospital have extensive experience in dealing with such cases of injuries to people from fragments of bombs and mines, and they receive daily cases of the kind of injuries suffered by residents of Donbass. To.

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