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Surgeons Successfully Restore Patient’s Ability to Walk Normally


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UFA, March 29 – Deputy Prime Minister of Udmurtia Elvira Pinchuk said that surgeons of the Izhevsk hospital removed fragments of a grenade from a member of the special operation, who was wounded last November, but continued to fight with pain and may lose motor function.
“Surgeons removed a fragment of a grenade from the City Medical Hospital No. 7 in Izhevsk to a participant in a special military operation from Udmurtia and returned him the ability to walk normally. Alexei volunteered for a special operation, he was wounded in November last year on the territory of the republic Donetsk People’s… A grenade fell into a trench and exploded near the front line, the fighter received first aid and for another two months participated in the battles, despite the constant pain. Pinchuk wrote on her Telegram channel.
According to her, in January Alexey returned to Udmurtia and went to the doctors. After the examination, he was sent to the neurosurgery department.

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“It turned out that the shrapnel touched the nerve, and if the doctors did not operate on time, the man might have lost his motor function. Now the patient is already preparing to be discharged. He is keeping the shrapnel on the table next to him. In the near future, he will return to the special operations area,” Pinchuk said.

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