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Surprising Dangers of Regularly Using Sleeping Pills for Health


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Eye masks are an easy and cost-effective solution to block out light and make sleep easier, especially during the summer months.

But Tina Patel, an optometrist at Feel Good Contacts, warned of a number of health risks associated with wearing eye masks at night.

According to Tina, eye masks trap bacteria, dirt, makeup, natural oils and sweat. If not washed or replaced regularly, it can cause eye infections.

And advised: “If you feel pain, redness, sticky discharge and peeling of the eyelids when you wake up, you should stop using the mask and seek advice from an ophthalmologist.”

And because eye masks are made from a variety of materials (satin, velvet, wool, silk, cotton, etc.), skin irritation, cracking, dry skin, or an allergic reaction to the fabric it’s made from can also occur. made from, according to Tina.

Therefore, when buying an eye mask, you need to make sure that it is made from a material that is friendly to your skin.

She added: “Another potential downside to eye masks is that if they fit too tightly, they can put too much pressure on your eyes. This means you will experience blurry vision when you wake up in the morning. If you notice this, adjust the strap or buy a more suitable mask. Blurred vision for more than 24 hours, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

“The benefits of wearing the right eye masks are well known, from providing deep unimpeded sleep to helping with dry eyes. Some studies also show that they can also help get rid of wrinkles,” Tina said.

The optometrist recommends always proceeding with caution when it comes to applying anything to the eyes.

Source: Express

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