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Survey Reveals Over One Third of People in France Struggle to Afford Three Meals a Day


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Survey Reveals Financial Struggles for Many in France

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A new survey published on Wednesday shows that more than a third of people living in France cannot afford three meals a day and are forced to cut back on necessities such as food and medicine expenses.

Insights from the Ipsos Poll

The Ipsos poll, conducted on behalf of relief organization Securus Populaire (People’s Relief), stated that 32% of people are not always able to afford enough food, or healthy food, to prepare three meals a day.

Impact on Meat Consumption

The Poverty Scale said most people chose to reduce meat consumption first when they struggled to afford food, with 72% saying they stopped eating meat at least sometimes.

Survey Details

Ipsos interviewed 996 people aged 16 and over by phone for the study between June 17 and 18.

Reduced Access to Fruits and Vegetables

Just under half, 43%, say they are no longer able to eat fruit and vegetables every day.

Impact of Inflation and Rising Prices

Rising inflation and rising prices have pushed more people below the poverty line in France, according to the survey.

A total of 53% said they could no longer put money aside, and 18% had a negative balance in their bank accounts, up three percentage points from the previous year.

A total of 45% of French respondents said they are unable to pay at least some of their medical expenses, which is an increase of six percentage points from last year.

Government Response

Purchasing power and rising prices continue to worry politicians and the public in France. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has repeatedly called on food companies to lower prices.

After consultations with the industry last week, Le Maire announced that it would reduce or cap food prices for 5,000 products.

Le Maire had openly targeted specific foreign companies, which he felt did not do enough to ensure reasonable prices.

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