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Swedish Junior National Hockey Team Defeats Canadians in Semifinals of World Cup


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Moscow, April 29 – The Swedish national team defeated the Canadian national team in the semi-final match of the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship, which is being held in Switzerland.
The meeting in Basel ended with a score of 7: 2 (2: 2, 4: 0, 1: 0) in favor of the Swedes. As part of the winners, David Edstrom (15′, 33′) and Otto Steinberg (24′, 39′) scored double-doubles, and Tom Wilander (7), Anton Wahlberg (35′) and Zeb Forceville (54′) scored on the puck. Canadians McLean Celebrini (5) and Angus McDonnell (15) scored.
After the first period due to injury, the main goalkeeper of the Canadian national team, Carson Bjarnason, was replaced by Gabriel Diggle. In the 40th minute before the end of the match, the Swedish defender Fielder was sent off.

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The two teams met for the second time in the tournament. In the group stage, the Swedish national team beat the Canadians with a score of 8: 0.
And in the final, the Swedes, the world junior champions, will face the Americans, who defeated the Slovaks 7-1 in the semi-finals. The Canadians will play in the match for third place.

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