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Swedish PM Confirms Finland’s Upcoming Accession to NATO


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Moscow, March 25 – Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson admitted that Finland would join NATO before Sweden.
On May 17, 2022, Finland and Sweden applied for NATO membership, and only two out of 30 countries, Turkey and Hungary, have yet to ratify it. Budapest and Ankara have so far declared their willingness to ratify the Finnish application, but not the Swedish one.
“At the moment everything says Finland will enter before Sweden,” Kristersson told the Moderate Alliance party conference on Saturday.

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A member of the Turkish Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Policy from the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Utko Çakirzer, told the News Agency that the protocol on Finland’s membership in NATO will be considered by the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly (Parliament). Turkey next week.
The head of the ruling faction in the Hungarian parliament, Fides Mate Kojis, also said that Hungary will vote on Finland’s NATO membership on March 27, and a decision on Sweden’s membership will be made at a later time.

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