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Syrian Economy Minister: Latest government measures aimed at limiting exchange rate and price growth


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Syrian Economy Minister Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil said the government’s recent measures are aimed at curbing exchange rate and price increases and facilitating exports and imports.

Al-Khalil added in an interview with Al-Suriya TV that the new package launched by the government “is aimed at revitalizing economic life and supporting the industrial manufacturing sector, as well as giving greater flexibility in financing supplies for certain sectors of the economy.” .” In addition to simplifying financial and banking procedures.

Khalil noted that “inflation and the international economic situation have greatly affected the national economy.”

The minister emphasized that priority is given to financing raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as the government has allowed some industries to temporarily enter production needs for the purpose of re-export, and also allowed industrial enterprises to transfer machines and production lines for the purpose of repairing or placing them elsewhere.

Al-Khalil referred to recent decisions by the Central Bank, including raising the ceiling on daily bank withdrawals to SYP 15 million and adjusting the amount allowed for transfers between governorates to 15 million pounds. The government allowed banks to “buy foreign exchange from individuals at the current rate”.

Source: “SANA”

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