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Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade Raises Prices for Oil Products and Fuels: Diesel, Gasoline, and Liquefied Gas


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Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade Increases Prices for Oil Products

The Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade has recently announced price hikes for various oil products, including diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil, and liquefied gas. However, the price of bread remains unaffected by these changes.

Details of the Price Increase

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The following changes have been implemented:

  • Diesel fuel for private catering bakeries now costs 700 Syrian pounds per litre.
  • Subsidized diesel fuel for consumers is priced at 2,000 Syrian pounds per litre.
  • Technical fuel oil, which is specifically allocated for agriculture, private hospitals, and pharmaceutical factories not covered by subsidies, now costs 8,000 Syrian pounds per litre.
  • The subsidized price for 90 octane gasoline is set at 8,000 Syrian pounds per litre, while premium 95 octane gasoline is priced at 13,500 Syrian pounds per litre.
  • Liquefied gas is now sold at a rate of 9,372,500 Syrian pounds per ton.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian Ministry of Internal Trade has assured the public that the prices for a pack of bread have remained unchanged.

Source: Sana

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