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Syria’s Poultry Industry Suffers Significant Loss as Broilers and Chickens Perish


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Nizar Saad Al-Din, head of the Poultry Committee of the Syrian Federation of Agricultural Chambers, revealed that a large percentage of live broilers and laying hens died as a result of heat and power outages for long hours.

He pointed out that broiler mortality had reached 20 percent and laying hens 11 percent, explaining that to reduce mortality in the current heat, we need about 17 hours of electricity for ventilation and generators, and this is also not available.

And Saad El-Din pointed out that as a result of the increase in mortality and the fear of further growth in the indicator, we are seeing an increase in the supply of broilers on the market, which has led to a decrease in its price. despite an increase in feed prices of about 12 per cent over the past two days as the price per kilo of yellow corn rose from £3,850 to £4,300. The price per kilogram of soybean meal also rose from 9,800 pounds to 10,500 pounds, indicating that supply levels are now above low consumption levels due to weak purchasing power.

He noted that as a result of the heat wave, poultry farmers have suffered great losses, and we fear that a large percentage of them will stop breeding in the future, pointing out the lack of positive indicators indicating the continuation of poultry activities. breeding process, given that energy sources are not available and feed prices are constantly rising.

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