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T-Mobile Introduces Go5G Next: Annual Smartphone Upgrades with Interest-Free Payment Plan


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T-Mobile Introduces Go5G Next Plan, Allowing Annual Smartphone Upgrades

T-Mobile Introduces Go5G Next Plan, Allowing Annual Smartphone Upgrades

T-Mobile announced their new Go5G Next plan, designed to give members the ability to update their cell phones annually. The package is offered in addition to the Go5G and Go5G Plus alternatives that are already available.

Interest-Free Payment Plan for Smartphone Purchases

Customers who choose Go5G Next are eligible for an interest-free payment plan that enables them to purchase a smartphone. When a customer has paid off fifty percent of the cost of their phone, they become eligible for an upgrade. T-Mobile states that in “most cases,” consumers can update their plans annually.

Seamless Upgrade Process

When purchasing a new phone, the previous one will be exchanged for the new one. T-Mobile will settle any outstanding debts to clear the way for implementing a new payment plan compatible with the upgraded handset. T-Mobile claims that the Go5G Next plan guarantees that new and existing customers will enjoy the same “great phone deals.”

The Go5G Next Plan From T-Mobile Enables Customers to Upgrade Their Smartphones on An Annual Basis_

Trade-In and Upgrades

Let’s say a client purchases a smartphone that costs $1,000. T-Mobile will cover the remaining $500 on the customer’s old phone if they trade it in for a new one once the customer has paid half the balance ($500) on the previous phone. And anytime they are ready to upgrade, new users on Go5G Next and current customers always get the same amazing deals.

Pricing and Features

In addition to the smartphone payments, the Go5G Next plan costs $100 for a single line with autopay. It includes 50 GB of mobile hotspot data at no additional cost. Customers can sign up for T-Mobile’s Go5G Next plans on Thursday. For a limited time, T-Mobile offers three lines for $60 per line per month.

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