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T2 Launches Algorithmic For You Feed – A New Feature to Capture Twitter’s Fleeing Users


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T2 Launches Algorithmic “For You” Feed

In an attempt to capture the attention of Twitter’s fleeing users, T2, a potential rival, has introduced several features. These include built-in direct messages and a verification program that allows Twitter users to import their legacy checkmark before it disappeared on the Elon Musk-owned app, now rebranded as X. Today, T2 is launching its own algorithmic “For You” feed.

Unlike other microblogging networks like X, T2’s For You feed will not be the default experience for its users. On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the For You feed showcases recommended posts from accounts not followed by the user.

T2’s version of the For You feed is more subtle and grants more weight to content from people you are already following, unlike X’s approach focused on popular or trending content.

Algorithm Behind T2’s For You Feed

The algorithm used for T2’s For You feed is relatively simple, relying on four scores to determine what content to show:

  • If the user is following the post’s author (+10 points)
  • If the post is in your browser’s main language (+8 points). +4 or +2 points if it is a secondary or third language respectively.
  • If the post matches a topic marked in your “Interests” (+2 points)
  • Freshness of the content (recent content ranks higher)

In addition to the For You feed, T2 also offers two other types of feeds: the feed of people you’re following and an “All” feed that allows browsing of all posts across T2.

Despite its focus on trust and safety, T2 faces the challenge of developing a sustainable community without greater adoption. However, by making the app more comparable to old Twitter with an optional For You feed, T2 aims to increase its user base.

About T2

T2 was founded by Sarah Oh and Gabor Cselle, veterans from Twitter and Google, respectively. The company prioritizes building a lasting, stable, and civil community over rapid growth or technical integrations. Unlike other rivals like Bluesky which face moderation challenges, T2 has focused on maintaining positive relationships with users. While T2 currently has a smaller user base in the double-digit thousands, it does not plan to decentralize or support larger protocols at this time.

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