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Take-Two CEO Discusses GTA 6 Leak


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Take-Two In an interview with IGN following the parent company’s last earnings conference, CEO Strauss Zelnick discusses the GTA 6 leaks and how they have affected Rockstar.



The leak, according to Zelnick, was “very unpleasant and frustrating to the team,” but it had no financial impact on the firm or the game.


The GTA 6 leak began in September 2022, when longer gameplay footage and pictures from the game were published online. The source claimed that the game could have sex robots and alligators, in addition to the supposed Vice City setting and Bonnie and Clyde-inspired story.


The alleged culprit appeared in court and was detained in a youth prison institution within days of the leak becoming public.

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During the same earnings call, Zelnick discussed using AI in video games. While Zelnick believes that new AI technologies could aid in the creation, he is still determining their ability to create a game with the assistance of human developers.


The CEO compared the popular AI tool ChatGPT to a manual calculator. Parents were worried that hand calculators would eliminate the need for children to learn math, but this was not the case. “Yes, you still need to learn math. You still need to learn math, but you have a tool that makes it more accessible. ChatGPT is also the same thing, “He stated.


Looking at the larger gaming industry, Electronic Arts, the publisher of Battlefield, has been working on AI technology for years. In 2018, EA launched Project Atlas, a 1,000-person R&D project to alter how games are developed with AI and neural networks. This technology was used in the Battlefield series and was intelligent enough to play the game and even complete the objective.


The Day Before, a highly anticipated survival zombie game that has once again sparked debate, is a game that some may assume results from AI.

Fantastic, the game’s developer has previously been chastised for claiming that the game is being produced by over 100 “volunteers” and tested by dozens of unpaid “supporters.” The game was supposed to be released in March of this year before being put back to November owing to a copyright claim, but the developer later revealed that the delay was planned before the rights issue was even raised.


The copyright claim did, however, cause a 10-minute gameplay clip to be delayed because the developer claimed it needed to be reviewed by lawyers before being posted.


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