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Taking advantage of the internationality of Ronaldo. Al-Nasr resorts to a new idea to document the club’s championships.


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Saudi Arabian club Al-Nasr have come up with a new idea to document the club’s championships and present them to the world after the club was brought into the spotlight by the inclusion of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The file documenting the Saudi Arabian club championships is still pending as until now the championships have not been officially documented by the Saudi Arabian Football Association despite repeated assurances from its president Yasser Al-Mishal that the file will see the light of day. .

And Al-Alami has taken advantage of the large increase in his Instagram following to export his championships to the world in his own way.

And the Saudi club has documented its championship titles through a profile on its Instagram account, so he wrote that he had 45 championships in his piggy bank, including 17 Saudi Arabian league titles and two Asian titles.

Nasravi’s fans have praised this documentation while its competitors have ridiculed it in light of their non-recognition of 17 local league titles on the grounds that Al-Nasr counted regional league championships, a championship that was not officially recognized.

Ronaldo moved on to a Saudi win this winter Mercato after he terminated his contract by mutual agreement with England’s Manchester United following disagreements with management and technical staff.

Source: goal + instagram/alnassr_fc

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