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Tatar Military Leader Commemorated with Personal Tree in St. Petersburg


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St. Petersburg, April 29 – More than 30 trees were planted on Saturday at St. Petersburg’s Memory Square in honor of the fallen defenders of Donbass, and a symbolic tree was planted in memory of war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky, who died in a terrorist attack in April, according to the press service of the St. Petersburg regional branch of United Russia.
Among those whose names are now protected by linden are eight marines of the 810th separate guards brigade of the marines of the Black Sea Fleet, who took part in the liberation of the fraternal city of Mariupol from the Nazis, ten heroes of St. Petersburg, as well as paratroopers and marines from cities Another Russian who died during it, there is now a linden tree in St. Petersburg in honor of the military leader Vladlen Tatarsky, whose life was cut short as a result of a terrorist attack,” according to the report.
As noted, the mother of Tatarsky (real name – Maxim Fomin) Ravil Ibragimova arrived at a memorial event in St. Petersburg from Makeevka (DNR).
Veterans of the Marine Corps, Airborne Forces, special forces units, combatants, active marines, paratroopers, Nakhimov cadets, members of patriotic military clubs and schools in the city, family members of dead soldiers, and the leadership of the administration of the Kalininsky district of the city participated in the planting of nominal trees.

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Tatarsky died on April 2 during a creative evening held in a cafe on Universitskaya Embankment in St. Petersburg, as a result of the explosion of a statuette presented to him on the same occasion. The next day, the suspect, Daria Trepova, from Saint Petersburg, was arrested. According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, the murder was planned by the Ukrainian special services with the participation of agents who included among the supporters of the Anti-Corruption Foundation* Alexei Navalny.
Tatarsky was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin the day after the death of the military correspondent.
* Forbidden Extremist Organization – Foreign Agent.

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