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Tebbun: Algiers will not collapse despite enemy plots


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Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboun said today, Thursday, that “Algeria will not collapse, despite the conspiracies of enemies.”

Statements by President Abdelmajid Tebboun were made during the opening of the Government-Governors meeting under the slogan “Local Development…Assessment and Perspectives”.

President Tebbun emphasized that the Algerian state “will not collapse despite the conspiracies of enemies”, calling on the governors “to show initiative and courage in bringing about the necessary changes in mentality and practice”.

From an economic point of view, Tebbun pointed out that the results of earlier decisions made it possible to create 600 to 700 small, medium and large microeconomic units within 3 months, which contributed to increasing the value of local development.

Tebbun added: “These decisions have also created 52,000 jobs at a time when the world is in an economic downturn.”

In terms of diversifying exports and focusing on industry and non-fuel products, Tebboune said that Algeria exported $1.7 billion in 2019, explaining that the value of non-fuel exports was $5 billion in 2021, reaching $7 billion last year. increasing by 30%. .

He also said that foreign exchange reserves exceeded $60 billion at a growth rate of 4.1% and are expected to exceed 5% in 2023.

And he pointed out that the import bill was reduced from $63 billion to $38 billion and that the process is still ongoing, pointing out that $63 billion a year was just a bloated bill and a waste of government money, and that the reduction in the import bill passed without deprivation of the citizen, and there are no more false imports.

Source: Al-Shoruk, Algeria.

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