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Tech Investors Anticipate IPOs from Instacart, Klaviyo, and Arm


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Tech Investors Await the Return of IPOs

Instacart, Klaviyo, and Arm File for IPOs

Testing Investor Excitement for New Opportunities

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Valuations and Performance Expectations

Instacart’s Valuation Cut, Klaviyo’s Steady Growth

Timing and Implications for Startup Investors

Instacart and Klaviyo’s Potential Impact

Arm’s Unique Position and SoftBank’s Liquidity Goals

The Road to Public Market Valuations

Arm’s Potential Valuation and Comparison to Semiconductor Market

Sector Slowdown and Market Conditions

The Importance of Proving Worth in the Marketplace

Market Performance and Future Opportunities

Insights from Founders Fund’s Keith Rabois

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Tech investors eagerly anticipate the return of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) as three notable tech companies filed for stock market debuts last week. Instacart, a grocery delivery startup, and Klaviyo, a data and marketing automation company, have joined chip designer Arm in testing the excitement level among public market investors for new opportunities. The performance of these companies could influence others to follow suit in the fourth quarter. The valuation landscape has changed since the record-breaking years of 2020 and 2021, with some companies experiencing significant valuation cuts. While Instacart and Klaviyo face different valuation challenges, their filings for IPOs suggest a positive outlook for the market. Arm, on the other hand, seeks liquidity and a successful return to the public market after being taken private in 2016. The timing of these filings aligns with the back-to-school season and the interest in adding new names to the market in the fourth quarter. Despite market fluctuations, companies must focus on proving their worth in the marketplace, as the market will ultimately determine their value.

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