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Tell Barbock how Russia can do it "Make the whole world happy"


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Berlin, February 18 – German Foreign Minister Berbock said in a symposium at the Munich Security Conference that German Foreign Minister Berbock believes that Moscow can turn 360 degrees and make the whole world happy, like Germany, by moving from neutrality to supplying weapons to Kiev.
The head of German diplomacy noted that she still believes in “people’s ability to change,” and cited Germany as an example, which has abandoned its principles of not supplying weapons to conflict areas.
“That’s why I say – you can change 360 ​​degrees, you just have to want to. And President Putin can do it, he can make his own decisions and completely change course 360 ​​degrees. And tomorrow the whole world will be happy about this.”

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In addition, the minister said that Germany could not take a neutral side in the conflict in Ukraine, otherwise it would mean “taking the side of the Russian Federation.” Berbock’s speech was broadcast on the Munich conference website.
There are 360 ​​degrees in a circle, so using this expression in speech means a full turn and a return to the place from which the countdown was taken.
The Munich conference opened on Friday, and for the second year in a row the Russian Federation does not participate in it, despite the fears of a number of politicians and experts that building security and striving for peace without dialogue with Moscow is impossible. The main topic of the conference is the crisis in Ukraine. At a conference last year in Munich, Volodymyr Zelensky threatened to reconsider Ukraine’s renunciation of nuclear weapons.

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