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Tell your oncologist how you can identify cancer on your own


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MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 4 – RIA REFUSED. It is possible to determine cancer yourself by neoplasms in the mammary glands, skin and oral mucosa, however, symptoms of the disease appear when the tumor has already passed the first stage, Mikhail Fedyanin, oncologist and head of the chemotherapy service at the Kommunarka Moscow Medical Center, told the News Agency on World Cancer Day.
According to him, often the symptoms of the disease appear when the tumor has already passed the initial stage, so it is better to undergo regular examinations, for example, as part of a medical examination, which includes examination for asymptomatic tumors. , early stages of disease and cancerous diseases.

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However, it is necessary to pay attention to some general symptoms: unexplained weight loss, fatigue, decreased hemoglobin, dyspepsia, cough, shortness of breath, pain syndrome, the presence of additional formations in the soft tissues, in the abdominal cavity, pathological spotting, exacerbated genetic history For oncological diseases – all this is the reason for contacting a therapist, whose task is to prescribe a certain set of examinations, if an oncological disease is still suspected, the doctor refers the patient to an outpatient cancer care center ( CAOP), which operates according to Moscow standards, which can Significantly improve, speed up and simplify the treatment process for the patient, ”explained the oncologist.
The doctor said that in some tumors there are special etiological factors: in melanoma – exposure of the skin to sunlight, in lung cancer – smoking, in hepatocellular carcinoma – viral hepatitis. But even among these diseases, a large percentage of patients have no risk factors.

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