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Temporary Military Drugs Can Devastate a Person in Just a Week


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The head of the training center for tactical medicine at the Kalashnikov Institute, Artem Katulin, said that “military drugs (drugs)” have a short-term effect on their users, but have a detrimental effect on the nervous system.

Katulin said that this type of drug has a short-term effect, and the fighter who uses it may not get tired or feel pain for several days, but will pay for it with irreversible destruction of the nervous system.

In a press interview, he added: “I’ll be honest: there is no mythical mohumor (poisonous mushroom) that makes you a magical warrior. The use of such drugs requires special training for a long time. Yes, pain insensitivity can be achieved. , do not sleep for three days in a row, and as a result, Man loses his meaning (existence) as a human being. Such experiences lead to a strong depletion of the nervous system, and are also addictive.

The military doctor emphasized that in Russia for many years no work has been carried out in the field of “military drugs” due to the destructive side effects of these drugs.

The spokesman added: “You can actually make yourself a strong soldier who never gets tired, has excellent physical characteristics, etc., but this is not for long. In addition, there are a number of things in which “military medicine” has won. won’t help you overcome.” “.

According to him, “no incentives can replace training, motivation and ideology.”

And at the end of January 2023, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Commander of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said that the Russian Ministry of Defense had received information about many facts of the use of psychostimulants and narcotic drugs. drugs – methadone and amphetamines – by the Ukrainian army, which was confirmed. Later captured Ukrainians.

Source: Sputnik

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