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Temporary registration in Vladimir found for suspect in Tatarsky case


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Vladimir, April 14 – Ukrainian citizen Yuri Denisov, suspected of involvement in the murder of blogger Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin), came to his father in Vladimir last summer for a temporary registration, Yuri Denisov, his uncle and namesake, told the News Agency.
Tatarsky died on April 2 during a creative evening held in a cafe on Universitskaya Embankment in St. Petersburg, as a result of the explosion of a statuette presented to him on the same occasion. According to the FSB of the Russian Federation, on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services, Denisov collected information about Fomin’s lifestyle and the places he visited, and after the terrorist attack, on April 3, he flew from Russia on his way through Armenia to Turkey. Procedures for placing him on the international wanted list have been initiated.
On Thursday, the FSB published photographs of the suspect, as well as a car sales contract, in which Denisov’s residential address is a house on Lesnaya II Street in the Urgetrud microdistrict of the city of Vladimir.

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According to a relative, Mikhail Denisov, the suspect’s father, used to live in this house. “He (Yuri Denisov) came here somewhere in the summer, I didn’t even see him. And he took my brother and made a temporary registration … They have been recording for him for three months,” the guy said.
He explained that Denisov came “with a woman” in a car, and they left on the same day. Before that, according to him, Denisov came to Vladimir five or six years ago.
Denisov’s father died in September. The man added that at the moment, no one lives in the house.

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