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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Update 1.11: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes – Download Now on PC


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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Update 1.11 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Texas Chainsaw Massacre, make sure to update to version 1.11 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed: Danny Permanently Opening Fuse Exit Door

  • Fixed: UI for Leatherface Saw Rev

  • Fixed: Invincible Hiding Victims

  • Fixed: Overlooked Perk

  • Fixed: Crawl Spaces and Barbed Wire

    • An issue has been resolved that caused Victims to not trip barbed wire traps on crawl spaces

    • Nancy should now be able to trap crawl spaces and have all the normal functionality when a Victim triggers it

  • Fixed: Nancy’s House Well Stuck Spot

  • Fixed: Danny Tampering with Car Battery

  • Fixed: Sliding Door Anim Skip

  • Fixed: Linger Level 3

  • Fixed: Missing Window Jump Audio

    • A couple of missing audio issues have been resolved for window jumps

    • One was the window jump on Nancy’s House

    • One was the window jump on Family House

  • Fixed: Repeat Electro Shock Grid on Nancy’s House

  • Fixed: Stuck Spot in Trophy Room

  • Fixed: Scoreboard Stuck on Screen

  • Fixed: Nancy Skill Tree Incorrectly Showing Nodes Unlocked

  • Fixed: Danny Skill Tree Nodes Server Error

  • Fixed: General Skill Tree Node Visibility

  • Fixed: Nancy Attack Audio Issue

  • Fixed: Character Swap Issues

    • Fixed an issue where character swap requests would choose the wrong character if the character was changed simultaneously

    • Fixed an issue where players could receive swap requests for a previous character despite having changed characters

  • Fixed: Scroll Wheel Rebinding

  • Fixed: Missing Connection Error Message

  • Changed: Johnny Changes Reverted

    • We are reverting the changes made to Johnny in the Big Patch

    • The Hunt ability changes are not being reverted

    • This change affects his lunge/speed issues

      • Johnny is intended to have a lunge

      • The issue is his speed boost when attacking

      • In trying to correct that boost we unintentionally altered his lunge and tweaked his animations

      • This was not a desirable result, and will be reverted

      • The speed boost will be separated out and worked on at a later date with the intention to not alter his lunge

  • Changed: Remove Barbed Wire on Ladders

    • We have made a change to removing barbed wire and the prompt to do so

    • Previously you would get a prompt to remove Nancy’s barbed wire traps from yourself while on a ladder

    • This would cause the Victim player to become stuck

    • You will no longer see a prompt or be able to begin removing barbed wire while using a ladder

  • Changed: Community News and DLC Main Menu Banner

    • We are adjusting the sizing of the banner on the main menu

    • The banner is now 4x larger

    • Just kidding, it’s slightly smaller and flows better with the background

  • Tuned: Nuggets, Radius, Range, and Duration Issues

    • With the changes made to noise being sticky to Victims, we uncovered some issues with various Nugget locations

    • Some Nuggets were detecting Victims through walls, that has been fixed

    • Some Nuggets were sticking noise pings to Victims for far too long, that has been fixed

    • Please continue to report any Problem Nuggets to the support team for investigation

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