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Thailand plans to ban the import of plastic waste


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The media reported that the Thai authorities plan to ban the import of plastic waste into the country by 2025.

According to information provided by the Public Affairs Department of the Thai government, “Thai authorities plan to prevent scrap and plastic waste from entering the country by 2025 to reduce the risk of pollution.”

The agency indicated that the 14 plastic processing plants currently in Thailand’s free trade zones will receive permission to import plastic waste by 2024, and this will be done in two stages: for these plants and the second stage, which will begin in 2024 year. , during which the volume of imports of these materials will be reduced by 50%, and in 2025 it is planned to introduce a complete ban on the import of plastic waste into the country.

And by 2027, the Thai authorities expect that factories in the country will be able to recycle 100% of plastic products, which will reduce the amount of waste entering the sea by almost 50%.

Source: TASS

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