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The Arrival of a Child with a Rare Disease in Iraq


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A child with a rare disease was born at Shomali General Hospital in southern Babel province in central Iraq.

“Today, there was a birth of a baby with milk teeth in the hospital, which is one of the very rare cases,” the hospital surgeon said.

“The baby was delivered by caesarean section and is in good health,” the official said.

Normally, most children start teething between 6 and 12 months of age, however studies have shown that some children have no teeth at the age of one year.

Congenital teeth are a rare condition, occurring in one in every 2,000 babies. These teeth are often small and weak, and their color tends to be yellow or brown.

Doctors still do not know the cause of the appearance of milk teeth, but they believe that this indicates that the baby has health problems that adversely affect the development of the child.

These teeth can cause problems for mother and baby associated with breastfeeding and abrasions that affect the baby’s tongue as a result of friction, and the baby can swallow a tooth if it falls out, resulting in blockage of his airways.

In most cases, natural teeth do not need treatment, but the doctor may suggest removing them.

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