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The authorities of Saudi Arabia determine the rules and conditions for opening duty-free shops in the customs ports of the Kingdom


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Zakat, the Saudi Revenue and Customs Authority has set the rules and conditions for opening duty-free shops at customs posts in the Kingdom.

In detail, the Authority has clarified the customs rules, conditions and procedures for establishing free markets in air, sea and land ports in accordance with the unified customs system of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, which includes requirements related to the operation of a free market, in addition to provisions related to its operating license requirements and other relevant controls.

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority indicated that the determination of these rules comes after a decision by the Council of Ministers, which includes approving the opening of duty-free shops – depending on the need – in air, sea and land ports, as well as allowing sales in them for travelers arriving in and departing from the Kingdom.

The authorities confirmed that the decision will help support supply chains and improve the logistics services provided to duty-free shops by providing a wide range of goods and products for shopping while traveling, in addition to duty-free shops providing additional sales channels to local companies, by selling their products to duty-free operators who support it. It promotes national products by displaying them in salesrooms.

She mentioned that duty-free shops are currently located in the departure halls of a number of airports, namely King Abdulaziz Airport, King Khalid Airport, King Fahd Airport and Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport in Medina.

She explained that she aims to expand as needed in air, sea and land ports in coordination with legal authorities at customs ports.

It is worth noting that duty-free shops at customs posts are defined as outlets that allow travelers to purchase goods and products that are allowed to trade in the Kingdom and are subject to exemption from customs duties or taxes in accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations, in accordance with Article 78 of the Common Customs of the law and article 12, paragraph 1, of the free market rule system, while tax exemption systems differ in different countries depending on the location of the free market (arrivals or departure halls) in accordance with the provisions of the unified customs system and its by-laws, and any of the relevant systems, regulations and laws in each country.

Source: “SPA”

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