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The Beloved Character Woody Woodpecker: Stream the Movie on Netflix Now!


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The Beloved Character Woody Woodpecker Comes to Netflix

Walter Lantz’s creation, the animated character Woody Woodpecker, has been a beloved icon in the world of animation for decades. From its first appearance in 1940 to its recent arrival on the big screen in a live-action/CGI animated comedy film, Woody has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The film, now available to stream on Netflix, tells the story of Woody, a mischievous and noisy woodpecker who is forced to leave his forest home and venture into the city. There he meets a family who plans to build a new home in the woods, and Woody tries to stop them from destroying his habitat. The movie’s official synopsis, as provided by IMDb, describes Woody’s exciting adventure in detail:

“The hyperactive red-headed bird enters a turf war with a big city lawyer wanting to tear down his home in an effort to build a house to flip.”

The movie featuring the famous cartoon character Woody Woodpecker was directed by Alex Zamm and features a talented cast including Timothy Omundson, Thaila Ayala, and Eric Bauza who lent his voice for the character of Woody Woodpecker. If you are curious about the release date of the movie on Netflix, we have got you covered! Check out the information below for all the details on when this exciting movie was released.

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When did the Woody Woodpecker movie come out on Netflix?

While Netflix has only recently added the Woody Woodpecker movie to its streaming library, specifically on September 1, 2023, it’s worth noting that the movie was originally released a few years ago, in 2017.

Is there a Woody Woodpecker movie 2?

Currently, there is no news of a second Woody Woodpecker movie. While there are no plans for a sequel to the 2017 movie, it’s worth noting that Alex Zamm, the director of the 2017 live-action movie, was involved in directing the 2018 reboot of the original TV series. The Woody Woodpecker series consists of three seasons and 30 episodes, each running 5-6 minutes. If you’re interested in watching the series, it’s available on YouTube. The original Woody Woodpecker Show was broadcast from 1957-1958, and there was also a 1999-2002 series titled The New Woody Woodpecker Show.

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