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The Best Foldable Phones in 2023: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Google Pixel Fold, and More


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The Best Foldable Phones in 2023

Foldable phones have been in the market for quite some time now and, although they have sometimes turned out to be disappointing, their clever bendable displays offer a fun and unique experience that you cannot get on regular smartphones. Samsung dominates the market with its Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, which offer different folding forms. However, other companies are also in the game.

Google’s Pixel Fold is their first folding phone and, despite a few quirks, it is a solid first effort. Motorola’s folding 2023 Razr Plus flip phone also scored well in our review, offering solid specs and competitive prices. Additionally, there are folding phones from Honor and Oppo, which we really like. However, although these are excellent options for people in Europe, they are not available for purchase in the US.

There’s still no sign of a folding iPhone. Sorry, Apple fans.

The folding phones we do have come in two main varieties: candy bar phones that open up to become larger, tablet-size foldable devices (like the Galaxy Z Fold 4) or candy bar phones that fold in half to become smaller and more pocketable (like the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Moto Razr 2022). Because of the still recent technology, all foldables are more expensive than their regular smartphone equivalents. But if you’re looking to turn heads when you whip out your foldable display and bend your phone in half, they’re worth investigating.

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Best for Productivity and Entertainment: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5_

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is a remarkable device that takes Samsung’s concept of a large-screened foldable to the next level. It offers a significant improvement over its predecessor, with refined features and enhanced performance. If you are seeking a smartphone that can double as a tablet, the Z Fold 5 is a perfect choice. You can comfortably view work-related documents, run multiple apps on the screen simultaneously, and enjoy your favorite movies in stunning detail. Although the Pixel Fold may have superior cameras, the Z Fold 5’s bright and vivid display makes it a standout device for its intended purpose – providing a large, immersive screen that you can conveniently carry in your pocket.

Best Foldable for Google Lovers: Google’s Pixel Fold Phone

Google Pixel Fol d_

Google got a lot of things right with its first attempt at building a folding phone. The large outer screen is great for using when closed and its slim design means it doesn’t bulk out your pockets too much. It closes totally flat, too, which makes it very usable as a regular phone when snapped shut, while still letting you take advantage of the 7.6-inch internal screen when you need it.

Best Compact Foldable Phone: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5_

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the biggest leap forward that Samsung’s flip phone has seen in years. Samsung has significantly expanded the size of the cover screen located on the outside of the device, meaning you can look up directions, take photos, and send messages without opening the phone. It’s this combined with the Z Flip’s solid battery life and sturdy design that makes it a top pick.

Best Compact Samsung Alternative: The New Motorola Razr Plus

The New Motorola Razr Plu s_

The Motorola Razr Plus raised the bar for what a flip phone should be in 2023. Its 3.6-inch cover screen allows you to use almost any app without opening the phone, plus the battery life is long enough to get you through a busy day. It’s also thinner than the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which could make it the ideal choice for those who prioritize portability in a phone.

An Excellent Candy Bar Foldable with a Big Outer Screen: Oppo Find N2 Flip

Oppo Find N2 Flip_

The Oppo Find N2 Flip’s standout feature is its massive outer display, which at 3.26 inches, dwarfs the cover screens on both the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Moto Razr. It gives loads of room to properly see incoming notifications or other information, meaning you don’t need to unfold your phone every time you want to check something.

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