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The big “burger sandwich” attracts more than 3 million fans of the Magmoor team. Photo


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The ‘hamburger sandwich’ tweet attracted over 3 million fans worldwide to the ‘unsung’ football team Ashton Town, an English sixth division football team.

The story began when a Twitter account called “Footy Drunk” posted a photo of a “hamburger sandwich” being sold at the Ashton Town club stadium.

And the account explained in its post that the “sandwich”, which looked large and contained bacon and melted cheese, was only £6.50.

The Footy Drunk account noted the wide circulation of its “tweet”, which has been admired by more than 3.2 million people so far, as the most interactive in its history, amid positive comments from subscribers who confirmed that they will cheer the team in the upcoming matches.

Double Bacon Cheeseburger at Ashton Town Football Club (@ashtontownfc)

💷 £6.50

– Footy Screen (@FootyScran) January 30, 2023

Ashton Town also celebrated the great interaction the ‘tweet’ received yesterday morning and invited fans to watch the team’s next match from the field.

The English club wrote via their official Twitter account: “This is great, two million views. We thank old and new fans for your kind comments.”

He added: “Come and try it for yourself on Saturday when we play Liverpool South to see good football, taste delicious food and have a great time.”

Wow. 2 MILLION. Thanks to @FootyScran Both old and new fans for the kind comments.

Come and try it for yourself on Saturday while we take over @SouthernLplFC. Good football, good food and good beer will make for a great time.

KO – 15:00
HEBS Group Stadium, Edge Green Street,

– Ashton Town FC (@ashtontownfc) January 31, 2023

The club set a start date for the match and also revealed the location of their Edge Green stadium to encourage fans to attend the match.

Ashton Town play in the Northern Premier League, which is one of two divisions that together make up the sixth tier of English football leagues.

The champion of each division goes directly to the Northwest League, which represents the fifth division, provided that the next 6 teams play for the second qualifying card in each division.

Ashton Town are 15th in the Northern League Division One standings with 34 points, just 7 points behind 16th, which puts their owner in the seventh division.

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