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The cause behind the high presence of vipers in new Moscow has been disclosed


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The head of the Department of Biological Diversity and Environmental Protection of the Moscow Region, Sergei Burmistrov, said that because of the heat, snakes are crawling into the houses of New Moscow.

In an interview with the Russian news agency Novosti, he said that due to the high air temperature and drought, snakes crawl into houses to get drunk and cool off, and that the species that has been repeatedly seen is called grass snake, and it is not poisonous and does not represent any danger.

He continued: “The snakes are mostly active and because of the hot and dry weather, they are looking for wet places. Therefore, they can be seen near the entrances of buildings, and they can crawl under the foundation of the building, where there is humidity or near reservoirs and ponds to drink water and cool the body.”

According to him, snakes can be seen not only in the Moscow region, but also in other regions.

He added: “We get a lot of complaints about the presence of snakes in different places, but we do not hunt them, because they are snakes that do not harm anyone and do not attack a person if he does not touch them.”

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