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The Civil Society Development Fund identified the main political outcomes for this year


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Moscow, December 21 – The general consensus of Russian society, anti-sanctions action by the Russian government and stress resistance to the political system, holding referendums and incorporating new regions, as well as “true patriotism” are included in the list of 10 major political results of the year, according to the Civil Society Development Fund (ForGO). The relevant document is at the disposal of the News Agency.
The Civil Society Development Foundation identified 10 political outcomes of the year in Russia. They got acquainted, according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FORGO Konstantin Kostin, through an interview with “experts of the enterprise and experts who cooperate with the enterprise, with ForGO branches in the regions.”
The first major event of the year, according to ForGO, was a public consensus based on shared values, a shared history, and the need to create a common future.
“First of all, we are talking about the fact that people, finding themselves in rather difficult conditions – there is external pressure, sanctions, deterioration in life (as follows from the reports of the economic bloc of our government, life has become more complicated) – nevertheless turned around the need to creating a common future. And despite all the difficulties… shared values ​​turned out to be a key factor in determining the general mood and situation in the country,” Kostin explained, adding that the ability of Russian society to unite demonstrated its “civilizational competitiveness.”
It also included the main political results of this year: a new formation of the majority based on patriotism and a common historical destiny, clear resistance to the pressures of the political system, and the anti-sanctions action of the government and the central bank. Russian Federation.

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As a separate item, ForGO experts singled out the holding of referendums in new territories and the beginning of their political integration. Experts also highlighted the activation of the “main port” issue for representatives of the Russian elite and the complexity of media consumption.
A separate element of the document is the creation of new social media phenomena.
The document says: “The large participation in the news about Special Operations Operations (SVO) creates new social media phenomena, such as: military correspondents, ‘angry patriots’, etc. The current conditions create the preconditions for the ideological reconfiguration of the main parties.”
Among the main results of this year, experts note the increase in voluntary organizations, as well as the creation of a new multipolar model of the world system.
“It’s clear that all of the events that we have nominated as domestic political outcomes of the year are in some way associated with, or became a result of, the NWO,” Costin added.

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