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The commander of a Ukrainian battalion near Voldar complained about the lack of mortars


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Moscow, December 29 – The commander of the Ukrainian detachment, Nazari Kishak, complained to the British newspaper The Times that in the Vohlidar region (Donetsk People’s Republic) there are seven times less mortar fire than the Russian forces.
“The ratio of mortar fire is 1:7 in favor of the Russians. I’m not sure we can hold them back, because we don’t have enough artillery. We are also very annoyed by the mud,” Booth, commander of the 48th Rifle Battalion of the 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade, told the newspaper. Troops Ukrainian.
According to him, getting in and out of Ogildar is “very difficult” for the soldiers because of the mud. “I think because of the dirt, we shouldn’t launch an attack yet. An attack means losses, no matter what our authorities say, so we need to assess whether it’s worth it?” Booth shared his experiences with the Times.

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On Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian armed forces in the Vohlidar region destroyed more than 70 Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries, as well as seven pieces of equipment in one day. Fierce fights take place.
In general, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation increased the activity of advancing in the Donetsk direction, in particular near Ugildar and Avdiivka, as evidenced by the liberation of the settlements of Pavlovka, Opetno and Mayorsk. This opens up prospects not only for the liberation of these territories, but also for reducing the activity of bombing residents of densely populated areas of the DRC.

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