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The Consequences of Drought: Istanbul’s Dam Water Levels Drop Significantly


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The Consequences of Drought: Istanbul’s Water Levels in Danger

The Istanbul Water Resources and Sewerage Authority has issued a warning about the potential consequences of a severe decline in water levels in the city’s dams due to an ongoing drought.

Drought Impact: Decreased Water Levels in Dams

According to the DHA agency, the prolonged drought in Istanbul has resulted in a significant decrease in water levels in the dams, with some reservoirs receding by tens of meters.

Filling Rate of Istanbul’s Dams

Currently, the filling rate of the city’s dams is approximately 27.88%, which equates to around 242 million cubic meters of water, according to the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Authority.

Terkos Dam: A Critical Situation

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One of the most concerning cases is the Terkos Dam in Istanbul, which is only 13.8% full, as reported by the ministry.

Comparison to Last Year

Information indicates that in September of last year, the reservoirs of the dams in Istanbul were 56% full, highlighting the severity of the current situation.

Call for Water Conservation

In an effort to address the water shortage, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu recently urged the city’s residents to be mindful of their water consumption and take steps to conserve water.


Source: Vesti

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