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The Czech national team defeated the Swiss national team and advanced to the semi-finals of the World Youth Championship


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Moscow, January 3 – The Czech Republic defeated Switzerland in the quarterfinals of the World Youth Ice Hockey Championships in Canada.
The meeting in Halifax ended with a score of 9: 1 (3: 1, 4: 0, 2: 0) in favor of the Czechs. Jiri Kulic (3 and 26), Marcel Marcel (8 and 44) ​​and Gabriel Storrs (34 and 45) scored doubles between the winners, Peter Hauser (10), David Ergic (21) and Edouard Chalet (39). The Austrians scored Louis Robben (1).
Czech Republic goalkeeper Tomas Sočanik scored his fourth assist of the tournament and updated his assist record at the World Youth Championship among goalkeepers.

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Czech hockey players for the first time since 2018 reached the semi-finals of the World Youth Championship. Their opponent will be known later.
The tournament will end on January 5, 2023. Initially, Novosibirsk and Omsk were supposed to host the competition, but due to the situation in Ukraine, the Board of Directors of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) denied Russia the right to host the World Youth Championship. In addition, the national teams of Russia and Belarus do not play in the tournament due to suspensions.

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