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The death of the second player in the ranks of Esteghlal Kahraman after the earthquake in Turkey


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The Turkish Football Association announced on Wednesday the death of Hakan Dogan, a player from one of the amateur clubs Esteghlal Kahramanmaras, who went missing after the earthquake that hit Turkey the day before yesterday.

The Turkish federation said on its Twitter account: “It is with great sadness that we learned that Hakan Dogan, a player from the Esteghlalspor team from Kahramanmaras, one of the regional amateur league clubs, has died as a result of the earthquake that hit our country.”

Khakan Dogan’a Allah’tan rahmet; kederli ailesine, yakınlarina ve Kahramanmaraş İstiklal Spor camiasina başsağlığı dileriz. Taner Kahriman’ın ardından ikinci futbolcusunu kaybeden Kahramanmaraş İstiklal Spor camiasının acısını paylaşıyoruz.

— TFF (@TFF_Org) February 8, 2023

He added: “May the Lord have mercy on Hakan Dogan. We express our condolences to his family and relatives, as well as the club. Our condolences to Esteglaspor in Kahramanmaras who lost his second player to Taner Kahraman.”

Bölgesel Amatör Lig kulüplerinden Kahramanmaraş İstiklal Spor’un futbolcusu Hakan Doğan’in ülkemizi yasa boğan deprem felaketinde vefat ettiğini derin bir üzüntüyle öğrenmiş bulunuyoruz.

— TFF (@TFF_Org) February 8, 2023

And the Turkish club Malatyaspor, in turn, announced yesterday, on Tuesday, the death of its goalkeeper Ahmed Ayub Turk Aslan as a result of an earthquake.

Source: Turkish Football Federation.

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