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The Diablo IV Bundle for Xbox Series X Has Been Officially Revealed


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A few days ago, rumors began circulating that Microsoft was preparing to introduce a “special edition” version of the Diablo IV Xbox Series X console. A Diablo IV Xbox Series X bundle was officially unveiled today, but contrary to widespread speculation, it will not include a physical copy of the game. One could imagine a super-sleek, custom-built console that would be one of the only limited edition Xbox Series X units to see the light of day… There were rumors that Microsoft was interested in purchasing such a console.

The Diablo IV Bundle for Xbox Series X Has Been Officially Revealed_

The Diablo IV bundle, on the other hand, includes a stock-standard Xbox Series X console, a stock-standard controller, and a digital copy of the game Diablo IV, along with some supplemental content, of course. After all, it is a bundle for the Diablo IV game.

It’s Almost a Waste of Time

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It is being sold as a “Diablo IV bundle,” but all that means is that it is a regular Xbox Series X console that comes with a copy of the game already installed on it. You will be leaving with something extra, as it also comes with the ‘Light-Bearer Mount with Caparison of Faith Mount Armor,’ so don’t worry about missing out!

This awesome package, which will sell for approximately $559 USD when it goes on sale, is now available for pre-order.

You could also purchase a regular Xbox Series X console, start playing it right now, and wait until Diablo IV is released on June 6 before upgrading to the game’s next version.

Since Microsoft released the Halo 20th Anniversary Edition Xbox Series X console in 2021, there have not been any other special or limited runs of current-generation Xbox consoles. Microsoft stopped producing the Halo 20th Anniversary Edition Xbox Series X console. Collectors have relied heavily on the limited edition console throughout its existence. Before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, many limited edition Xbox 360 designs existed. The special edition was abundant in the previous generation on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Is it a lost opportunity to not release a Diablo IV bundle and instead include a regular console? At the very least, could it have been… Red?

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