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The doctor called the most dangerous foods for teeth


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Dentist Roman Korolev announced that the most dangerous foods for teeth are sweets, white wine and soft drinks.

And the doctor said in an interview with “Sugar tops the list of harmful substances for teeth. Because sweets damage tooth enamel and cause cavities. Bacteria in the mouth also convert sugar into acid, which destroys tooth structure. teeth.”

Therefore, he says, dentists always advise cutting down on chocolate and sweetened soft drinks, and cutting back on the use of sugar to sweeten tea, coffee, and other foods. In the event that it is not possible to refuse these substances, the oral cavity after their use must be rinsed with water or used to clean the teeth with dental floss. Regular brushing also protects against the harmful effects of sugar.

And he says: “If a person wants to drink red wine, he must brush his teeth before that so that sugar does not stick to accumulations on the enamel.”

And he adds, the second product that is bad for teeth is white wine.

He says: “White wine can cause microscopic cracks in the teeth. Because it contains acids that increase the sensitivity of tooth enamel to temperature fluctuations.

He adds that other substances that damage teeth are acidic foods and drinks. Because with the regular use of these substances and drinks causes erosion of the tissues of the tooth.

He says: “It can damage tooth enamel, in addition to causing discoloration of the teeth and tongue, because it contains dyes and acids – malic, citric, orthophosphoric and others.”


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