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The doctor explains the effect of alcohol on the body after flu and corona


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Dr. Vladimir Polibok said that excessive drinking after the flu and Covid-19 can lead to serious consequences for a person’s life.

And the doctor pointed out in an interview with Radio Sputnik that influenza, inflammation of the upper respiratory system and Covid-19 negatively affect the blood coagulation system, and these disorders can last for a long time.

He says: “Influenza, inflammation of the upper respiratory system and Covid-19 do not pass without a trace, as they can cause a violation of the blood clotting process that lasts a month, maybe three months, even a year.”

And he adds that swine flu and Covid-19 are especially dangerous for the heart and blood vessels.
He says: “Both viruses attack the heart and blood vessels and cause damage to the mucosa of the vessels, and after a while it is noticed that the possibility of blood clotting increases.”

And the doctor points out that drinking alcohol has a detrimental effect on the heart and blood vessels.

He says: “Drinking alcohol, especially in excess, increases the likelihood of blood clotting, which increases the risk of blood clots: firstly, this is because red blood cells clump, that is, stick together. Secondly, drinking alcohol dehydrates the body. , as statistics show An indication that alcohol consumption is always associated with an increased risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, and thrombosis in the extremities.

And he adds that the risk of blood clots and other diseases increases as a result of alcohol consumption, especially due to influenza and Covid-19. Therefore, it is better to refrain from drinking alcohol after recovering from these diseases for as long as possible.

He says: “There is no safe amount of alcohol. Therefore, if a person is infected with these diseases, it is better for him to abstain from alcohol for a long time, which I cannot point out because it differs from one person to another. “

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