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The doctor lists the harm of masturbation for men


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Dr. Andrei Dmitriev, a urologist, said that the lack of intimacy leads to inflammation of the prostate gland and urinary tract.

In a conversation with Gazeta.Ru, the specialist notes that frequent masturbation leads to exhaustion of the body, erectile dysfunction and even mental disorders.

According to him, the quality of life and health of a man are closely related to the quality and regularity of his sexual life. Although there is no exact data on the required frequency of sexual intercourse, it is believed that men should have sex 2-3 times a week. Masturbation can compensate for this with the same frequency.

“Lack of intimacy leads to stagnation of semen and gonadal secretion, which increases the accumulation of bacteria – and this can lead to prostatitis, vesiculitis and other infections of the genitourinary system,” he says.

According to him, sex life plays a big role in a man’s health, so masturbation is also acceptable, but…

He says: “… but frequent masturbation can lead to mental disorders, as well as to the exhaustion of the body’s strength, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Masturbation also reduces the concentration of sperm in the semen. It is for this reason that when there is a desire to masturbate, it is necessary to turn to a specialist doctor, because early treatment of this problem will return everything to normal.”

Source: Gazeta.Ru

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