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The doctor warns about the dangers of nasal drops for children


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Dr. Victoria Gorlova, a pediatrician, cautions against using nasal drops for children as they are addictive.

The specialist notes that these drops can only be used in exceptional cases, when nasal congestion interferes with eating or sleeping.

She says: “With prolonged and uncontrolled use of these drops, the compounds that help constrict blood vessels are not only addictive, but can also lead, especially in children, to overdoses leading to poisoning and even death. This is due to the fact that this leads to the penetration of the drug through the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth into the bloodstream and a systemic effect on the entire body.

And he adds: “It is preferable to use a dropper (drops) or a nebulizer that gives the required dose of medicine. It is also necessary not to use these medicines for more than three days, but to use them three times a day – once every eight hours.

In general, the fewer of these drops used, the better.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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