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The Earth’s Warning System: A Geologist’s Insight on an Essential Phenomenon Preceding Earthquakes.


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Syrian geologist Muhammad Ruqaiya said that people are aware of the ability of some animals to sense the occurrence of earthquakes, so scientists in seismic countries were interested in observing them in homes, barns or zoos.

He confirmed in an interview with the Syrian newspaper Tishrin that cows, dogs and cats are disturbed a few hours before earthquakes occur, and that those animals that live in holes underground, such as snakes, mice and others, are most disturbed. and so animal behaviorists confirm that they have a theory that animals can be used as early earthquake warning devices.

And the geologist told us that during the earthquake in San Francisco, which destroyed it in 1906, we read that a few hours before the said earthquake, dogs did not stop barking in the city, and more than 50 thousand people died.

It is also still widely believed that animals saved many Chinese during the 1975 earthquake. In the winter of 1975, Chinese officials ordered the evacuation of the city of Haicheng in northeast Liaoning province the day before the earthquake, based on reports of unusual animal behavior and changes in their behaviour. groundwater blood level.

In addition, during the Cairo earthquake on October 12, 1992, animals in the Giza Zoo were the first to feel the earthquake, including lizards, snakes, other reptiles, peacocks, elephants, lions, and others.

In turn, Dr. Sami Taha, former head of the Syndicate of Veterinarians in Egypt, points out in this regard that the behavior of animals must be carefully studied, since it can benefit us in many areas, including earthquake forecasting, the newspaper reports. Tishrin”. .”

He explained that the best creatures for this task are dogs and horses because they have a high level of thinking and are the smartest.

Source: Syrian newspaper Tishrin.

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