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The Egyptian government talks about the sale of bread “kilograms” to citizens and its conditions


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Egyptian Minister of Supply Ali Al-Moseli spoke about the conditions for the distribution of bread per kilogram to the citizens of the country.

It is currently difficult to implement the idea of ​​selling bread per kilogram to citizens, according to the Egyptian Minister of Supply, explaining this during a telephone appearance on the Al-Hekaya program presented by journalist Amr Adeeb. and on air on MBC Egypt that there are two points to consider when selling bread per kilogram, adding: “The idea is very great, but the number of bakeries is very large and widespread, and there are places where it is difficult to tell the bakery that you must bring with them scales for weighing, and therefore I must connect it to the machine with which it is sold, so that it can be sold in length, otherwise, if it works Freely and the citizen is the one who does it. “Money and stuff, he was able to count, and today he will weigh them and put them in a sales point, huh?He will say a kilo or two, the citizen does not see.

He added that in order to implement the idea of ​​selling bread by the kilogram, this business would have to be connected to an automated system, for which we would need an electronic scale, and this would lead to additional costs for the bakery, pointing out that the solution was to “implement it when the currency stable and the inflation that we are seeing, and that we are doing conditional cash support.”

The Minister of Supply revealed that conditional cash assistance means that a citizen is given a card in which the amount of money is who controls it, and that the case does not depend on the number of “loaves” of bread, noting that he discussed this idea with Parliament, but time does not fit.

And he continued: “The timing is not suitable due to changes in the inflation rate and its growth, which will make it impossible to change the amount of the subsidy. When prices and inflation stabilize, the number of loaves of bread due to each citizen can be transferred and transferred to the amount of money on the card, but now and in light of what has happened over the past 9 months.” From a fall in the value of the pound to 30% and 40%, the amount of the subsidy cannot be changed at this rate.

Source: Cairo 24

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