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The Egyptian Stock Exchange is making great strides


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The Egyptian Stock Exchange has made great strides since the release from prison of Safwan Thabet, owner and founder of Juhayna, and his son Seif Thabet, the company’s former managing director, after they were in custody for nearly two years.

The Cairo 24 website reported that the Egyptian Stock Exchange has suspended trading in Juhayna Food Industries shares for 10 minutes as they surged over 10% as the share price of Juhayna Food Industries rose over 10%, bringing the share price from 9. 5 pounds to over 9.8 pounds in 2018. First 10 minutes of trading.

During the current week, the exchange’s total trading volume was about 17 billion pounds, and the volume of circulation amounted to about 3.787 million securities executed on 425 thousand transactions, compared to a total trading volume of 28.1 billion pounds and a circulation volume of 3.3 million. securities executed on 348 thousand deals for the current week.

Equities accounted for 84.43% of the total trading value on the stand, while the trading value of bonds was around 15.57% during the week, while Egyptian deals accounted for 82.2% of the trading value of listed shares year-to-date after the exclusion. transactions. , while foreigners recorded 11.1% and registered Arabs 6.7%, while foreigners recorded a net sale of around £33.8m and Arabs a net purchase of around £91.7m on listed shares after excluding transactions since the beginning of the year.

Source: Cairo 24

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