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The End of Smart Work in Roblox: New Regulations and Consequences


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The End of Smart Work in Roblox

Recently, there has been a significant change in the work culture at Roblox that has left employees concerned. CEO David Baszucki has made it clear that smart work is no longer allowed or appreciated by the management. Instead, the emphasis now lies on having employees physically present in the office.

New Regulations and Consequences

In a memo published by GameSpot, Baszucki announced that all employees practicing smart work must be present at the office at least three days a week. Those who fail to comply may face being transferred to a different role or even being terminated. While the company promises financial assistance in case of dismissal, the seriousness of the situation cannot be overlooked.

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Deadline and Options

Every employee has been contacted individually to discuss the implications of these new regulations. They have until January 16 to decide whether they want to continue working under these conditions or opt for dismissal. In the latter scenario, they will have three months to find a new job.

The CEO’s Justification

Baszucki acknowledges that this decision was not taken lightly. He expresses compassion for the families who may have to relocate to keep their jobs. However, he believes that social interactions and connections at the workplace are crucial. Additionally, he argues that the growth of young employees necessitates direct interactions with more experienced colleagues.

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