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The euro exchange rate will rise to 76 rubles for the first time in 2023


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The ruble continued to decline today, Wednesday, against foreign currencies, as evidenced by the data of the Moscow Exchange.

The ruble lost more against the euro, which rose to 76 rubles for the first time this year.

And the dollar today was trading at 71.6 rubles, and the Chinese yuan – about 10.2 rubles.

By 11:57 Moscow time, the Moscow euro rose by 1.20 rubles to 76 rubles, the dollar rose by 46 kopecks to 71.60 rubles, and the yuan by 12 kopecks to 10.23 rubles.

The euro continues to grow, but at a slow pace: at the moment, the turnover of the euro-ruble pair barely exceeds 614 million rubles.

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