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The European Union is “afraid” of the approaching winter


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The EU needs to buy significant additional volumes of gas to replenish its underground storage facilities for the upcoming winter season, because they may not hold as much Russian gas as this winter.

This was stated by the Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis during his participation in the World Economic Forum “Davos”.

“We need to continue to work on energy security issues,” the European official said. “Yes, we have a lot of gas storage this winter, and we can be sure that we will survive this winter. A lot of Russian gas has been pumped.” to our (European) repositories, but that won’t happen. “Next winter, so we will still have to look for significant additional volumes of gas from other suppliers for next winter.”

The official pointed out that “the Chinese economy is reopening amid the easing of measures to combat the coronavirus, and Beijing may also be looking for additional gas supplies.”

At present, blue fuel stocks in the European Union are at a high level, almost 80%, and in December the warehouses were filled by 88%, while at the beginning of last year they were less than 50%.

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