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The expert appreciated the talks between Putin and Xi Jinping


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Beijing, December 31 – The talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have drawn a line under a very difficult year. The current difficult international situation makes communication between the leaders of the two countries more important, and in the future they should look for more things in common. A visiting researcher at the Institute of Financial Studies told the News Agency “Chongyang” at People’s University of China Jia Ming.
“The talks held by the leaders at the end of 2022 were undoubtedly a final touch, especially in light of this very difficult year. The past year was very unusual and important for the two countries. This is a time when countries are facing strong internal and external pressures,” said Jiaming.

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At such a time, the expert believes, it is more necessary for the leaders of Russia and China, who share the same political views, to conduct objective, honest and in-depth negotiations, “in order to better understand each other, make a clearer assessment of each other’s development direction and strategic initiatives, so as not to show erroneous judgments and optimism.” the blind.
On Friday, Putin and Xi Jinping held talks via a closed video conference call. In particular, the Chinese president said that China is ready to work with Russia “and all progressive forces in the world that oppose hegemony and power politics” to resist the policy of unilateral action, as well as safeguard state sovereignty and security. the two countries. He noted that China and Russia should continue to strengthen cooperation in the field of energy. Xi Jinping also said during talks with Putin that under their leadership, the special value of cooperation between Russia and China has become more evident, and relations have become more mature.

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