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The expert explained why antivirus software can be mistaken for malware


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Moscow, January 9 – Alexei Sizov, an expert in cybersecurity and anti-fraud, told Sputnik about what kind of malware can infiltrate a computer, even if the device is protected with an antivirus.
Sizov noted that antivirus software(s) detect malware using special databases that allow you to identify malicious code or fix suspicious “behavior” of specific applications. At the same time, he warned that information about “young” malware may not be available in the anti-virus database. Accordingly, this malware can infect a computer even if antivirus software is installed on it.
However, in most cases, malware gains access to the device not because of its uniqueness and novelty, but because of the careless actions of the computer owner, he is sure. The expert explained that many users do not pay attention to antivirus software warnings and give themselves potentially dangerous permissions to malware disguised as legitimate products.
“Most often these are simple viruses. They disguise themselves as extensions to the same browsers, and do not try to change the file system, but control user actions. There are a huge number of legal products that have the same functionality, for example, an extension for saving a password. In each case, The antivirus should say whether you really trust the program and allow it to access certain data, but the user often does not notice that he has given permission to another small program to access the data, ”added Sizov.

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According to him, malware that disguises itself as legitimate software and thus bypasses antivirus protection can cause serious harm to computer owners. For example, keyloggers steal payment data.
The expert made two recommendations to protect against malware that can escape antivirus software. He advised users to systematically update their antivirus software and be more careful about the permissions requested by any, even the most harmless at first glance, program.

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