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The expert warned of a common Telegram scam scheme


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Moscow, February 15 – Evgenia Lazareva, coordinator of the Moshelovka platform, is increasingly warning Telegram users about scammers. In an interview with Sputnik Radio, she told about the scheme that attackers use most often and how to protect yourself from being scammed.
Lazareva noted that Russians have learned to recognize many fraudulent tricks, so attackers are always looking for new deception tools and methods. In particular, perpetrators are now actively using Telegram to obtain personal and banking data of potential victims, and this trend will develop, as you would expect.
She went on to say that in Telegram a fraudulent scheme was spread with the distribution of messages containing a request to vote for a participant in some contest.
“The attackers send malware that consumes personal data to access the Telegram channel, and they do it in a very harmless way: in the form of a social message, for example, they ask you to vote for a child in some contest via a link. If you follow such a link, you may lose your Telegram channel Bey indeed, ”Lazareva sure.

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The expert added that if the attacker gains access to someone else’s Telegram channel, he may end up stealing the owner’s money.
“Many people use this messenger as a personal blog, there are a lot of contacts, many people exchange confidential documents and information there. After the attackers gain access to the Telegram channel, they can get data on the accounts of other important people, and this may be followed by losses financial”, in the words of Lazarev.
She explained what measures can be taken to protect against scammers in Telegram.
And I concluded that do not trust messages that promise incredible benefits or try to make you feel too “nice”.

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