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The Fair Price of One Piece: Exploring the Value of Treasures in the Series


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The Fair Price of One Piece?

Did you know that the One Piece saga, which consists of nearly 1100 chapters in both manga and anime, still hasn’t revealed the identity of the famous treasure that will make the person who finds it the Pirate King? Will it be a Devil’s fruit, a massive loot, knowledge, a crown, or something completely different? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for several more years to find out, even though the manga is gradually reaching its conclusion.

However, while the identity of the treasure in One Piece remains a mystery, the series has taught us that a treasure can come in many forms. For instance, Monkey D. Luffy treasures his straw hat more than anything else, and some fans of the series see the work itself as a valuable treasure. Despite a new volume costing less than €10 and a Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, where One Piece chapters are published, being even cheaper, one fan spent a whopping $1360.79 to acquire a particular edition of that magazine.

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This fan was determined to obtain volume 34 of Weekly Shonen Jump, which was released in July 1997 and contained the first chapter of One Piece. Although the price may surprise many, it is not considered excessively high due to the rarity of the item. Other editions of the same issue of Weekly Shonen Jump are being sold on eBay at similar prices for the same level of preservation. It’s worth noting that the magazine was not in pristine condition and likely spent years lost in a box. So, if you want to add this piece to your Straw Hat Crew fan collection, now you know the price you’ll have to pay.

The Netflix Series Revives the Hype

While the original editions of Weekly Shonen Jump were not in high demand solely because of the Netflix series, it cannot be denied that the series has revitalized the hype surrounding the One Piece saga. Despite taking certain liberties with the source material and occasionally receiving criticism for its visual effects, the Netflix adaptation has garnered positive feedback from many fans and critics.

Furthermore, since the Netflix series progresses faster than the manga or anime and starts from the beginning of the adventure, it has also enticed new viewers to don a captain’s hat and an eye patch as they set sail on the Grand Line. It’s undoubtedly easier to embark on this journey when you only have to watch one season of eight episodes instead of catching up on nearly 1100 chapters. It remains to be seen if the success of the first season will convince Netflix to produce a second season, and if the adaptation will continue to captivate both new and old fans.

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