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The Fallout Series Trailer on the Pip-Boy Reveals Release Date: April 12, 2024 – Get Ready for the Special Adaptation!


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The Fallout series reveals a little more with a trailer on the Pip-Boy… It’s SPECIAL

After a first preview and a leak of the filming of the Fallout series, relatively little information has been revealed on the subject.. Until now! An official trailer with Pip-Boy announces the release date: April 12, 2024. You will therefore have to be patient before discovering the adaptation of this extremely popular license among players.

Mission: Impossible 8 postponed to 2025

Viewers won’t see Ethan Hunt again for a very long time. While Mission: Impossible 8 was scheduled for June 28, 2024, Paramount and Skydance have made the decision to postpone it to May 23, 2025. This decision seems to be the consequence of the strikes which took place in Hollywood for several months. This is far from being the only production impacted, which must delay its planning.

Dwayne Johnson is angry with the Grévin Museum

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Unhappy with his wax statue at the Grévin Museum, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, asks for touch-ups. He said he wanted to see improvements in his double’s skin color. For the museum, it is a great disappointment since the manufacture of this statue took more than six months of work. However, he preferred to laugh at the situation, adding that he will have a drink with himself the next time he is in Paris.

These Internet users are planning to go see Five Nights at Freddy’s at the cinema in a… very special way

In just a few days, Five Nights at Freddy’s will officially be released in theaters. Fans can’t wait to discover this adaptation of their favorite horror video game license. In the meantime, Internet users are illustrating their enthusiasm for this feature film in the form of a humorous publication. In this context, a tweet caused hilarity on X (formerly named Twitter) for its reference to the YouTuber Markiplier who played a lot in this capacity. He indicates going to see this film by putting an image of this person in his glasses.

This legendary Yu-Gi-Oh card player manages to use the iconic Exodia the Cursed

To finish this day’s culture recap, a professional player of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game impressed the crowd by releasing a legendary suite of cards. He used Exodia the Accursed which is one of the most famous cards of this game franchise. This is something that rarely happens in recent tournaments, which is why spectators were particularly enthusiastic about this action.

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