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The former footballer of the Italian national team witnessed the arrest of his boss "Cosa Nostra"


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Moscow, January 17 – Former Italian soccer player Salvatore Schillaci said that on Monday he witnessed the arrest of Messina Denaro, one of the leaders of the “Cosa Nostra” mafia organization.
Denaro, who had been hiding from Italian justice for 30 years, was arrested on the morning of January 17 at a clinic in Palermo, Sicily. According to media reports, the mafia suffers from an aggressive form of cancer and has arrived at the clinic to receive another course of chemotherapy. Denaro was, at the time of his arrest, in line to be tested for coronavirus. When the carabinieri appeared, the mafia boss tried to escape, but he did not resist arrest, giving law enforcement officers his real name.

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Messina Denaro topped the list of the most wanted mafiosi in Italy. Law enforcement agencies have been searching for Messina Denarau since the summer of 1993. According to some testimonies, Messina Denarau completely changed her appearance by doing plastic surgery. In October 2020, Messina Denaro was sentenced to a second life in prison for complicity in organizing the murders of legendary Italian detectives Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, as well as eight police officers who were guarding them.
Schillacci played at club level with Italian clubs Messina, Juventus and Inter as well as Japanese club Jubilo Iwata. As part of the Italian national team, Schillaci became the bronze medalist of the 1990 World Cup, was awarded the best football player and top scorer of the tournament.

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